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Definition of EPR system

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is the system that the producers and importers of packaging products take full responsibility of the recycling of their post-consumption wastes. The producers and importers pay recycling support fees and the fees are distributed to the recycling companies according to the amount of recycling items and columes. The KORA manages the fees and subsidies. The system encourages producers’ effort to reduce wastes, and prevents environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. In that way the system pursuits the resources circulation society and sustainable development.


Coverage of the EPR system : The relevant post-consumption packaging wastes which are generated by the manufacturers and importers of products with the annual revenues of KRW 1 billion or larger; or annual imports of KRW 0.3 billion or larger

Scope to EPR system

4 types of packaging materials and 5 types of products.

  • 4 types of packaging materials

    Metal cans, glass bottles, carton packs and synthetic resin
    (PET and plastic tray, polystyrene, etc.)

    EPR packaging materials have recycling
    symbol mark for the conveniences of consumers
  • 5 types of products

    Tires, lubricants, batteries (7types), fluorescent lamps
    and buoy for fisheries

Operation and management for EPR system

Operation and management for EPR system Operation and management for EPR system